Birth Support for Planned Vaginal Births

Birth Support
  • For planned vaginal births: Upon receiving notification from you that you are in active labor, I will meet you at your chosen birthing place (home, hospital or birth center) and provide you and your family with continuous physical and emotional support. Some examples of support provided:

    • Soothing light massage & counter pressure
    • Breathing awareness & guided visualization
    • Creation and maintenance of a peaceful birthing environment
    • Continuous emotional reassurance and encouragement
    • Assistance with movement & birth positions
    • Continuous support for your birth partner 
    • Information to help you make informed decisions
    • Comfort measures using the rebozo
    • Water Birth Support
    • For HypnoBirthing & HypnoBabies Families: Childbirth Hypnosis support with a certified HypnoDoula now available. I can assist you with deepening your relaxation through use of your cues, CDs and relaxation scripts.




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