Cloth Diapers: Healthier Options for Your Baby

"Long gone are the days of sticking fingers with diaper pins or folding identical white diapers. They’ve been replaced with a device called a "Snappi" and brightly colored diapers that could stand alone as an outfit. In short: These are not your grandmother’s cloth diapers."
- Elizabeth Diffen

Cloth Diapers have come a long way since you were in diapers. There are many more options than plastic pants and safety pins now. Most diapers even have velcro or snap closures and come in a variety of colors and totally cute patterns. Cloth diapers are healthier for your baby, for the environment and for your wallet. Cloth diapered babies also potty-learn at an earlier age than babies accustomed to disposable diapers and disposable pull-ups.

You can do your own research, shop around, or choose to have a personal consultation (we aren't selling anything!) to help you decide which diapers will work best for your family. You can even register for cloth diapers when compiling your baby registry to offset the initial cost. Click the following link for a free illustrated 2010 guidebook by Courtney Durfee, The Parent Resource Guide to Modern Cloth Diapers (PDF format) to learn about your diapering options. There have been even more updates to modern cloth diapering since that guide was made but it does well as an intro to get you up to speed in considering your options.

Give your baby the best and keep their bottom happy!

Cloth Diapering Resources

Where to Rent Locally: New Baby New Paltz online and in store, has a great variety for rental.
                                           Baby Be Green Diaper Service full service weekly diaper delivery and laundering including prefolds, pockets, and AIO

Where to Buy Locally:
                                               Waddle n Swaddle in Beacon, Poughkeepsie & Rhinebeck: variety of cloth diapers, baby registry & classes too!
                                               New Baby New Paltz online and in store, has a great variety for sale and rental
                                               Earthy Crunchy Mama is online but also locally owned. Use code CDDoula at check out for 10% off. 
                                               Nature's Pantry in Newburgh and Fishkill did carry gDiapers, call before driving out though
                                               Walmart, Target & Babies'R'Us carry limited supplies of Gerber flats/prefolds, covers, and sometimes Kushies
                                               Amazon has a variety of brands an you can add them to your registry!

Where to get them for free:  
                                                        A Diaper A Day To Give Away is a Facebook Group based out of PA that sews and donates all-in-one, one-sized cloth diapers to local families in need.
                                                        Cloth Cooperative is a moderated group where recipients are sent diapers directly from the donors.

Where to buy them cheap: Hudson Valley Parents has a Buy/Sell/Give board that frequently has free or cheap diapers in awesome condition.
                                                 Diaper Swappers is a forum-based cloth diapering community where you can purchase well loved to brand new diapers from moms just like you. Buy, sell or trade individual diapers and covers of all style up to whole lots enough to diaper your child through potty learning! Some diapers and lots are free to you for the cost of shipping- find them in the FFS section.
                                                 Cloth Diaper Nation, another forum-based parenting community with a "For Sale or Trade" Marketplace.

Don't forget to check out our online video resources, our recommended reading list, our local resources list, and waterbirth info!

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