Cesarean Birth Support Services

Birth Support
  • For planned vaginal births: Click Here for more info

  • For planned or emergency cesarean births, I can offer the following support (as permitted by the hospital):
  • Optimizing your birth experience with any allowable options such as music in the OR.
  • We can do a calming relaxation with the rebozo before you go into the OR and after.
  • I can accompany you into the OR for the birth and/or following the birth for the repair & recovery when the baby leaves the OR with your partner.
  • Some hospitals may allow for me to take pictures of you with the baby in the OR.
  • If I am not permitted in the OR, I can keep your family informed and comfortable in the waiting room during the procedure and transfer your belongings into your postpartum room.
  • For HypnoBirthing & HypnoBabies Families: We can use your scripts & CDs before and during the birth of your baby, if desired.



Don't forget to check out our online video resources, our recommended reading list, our local resources list & handouts section!


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